Project-Based Financial Planning

Retirement - Project Based Financial Planning

Let’s Cover Some (1-3) Of Your Most Pressing Financial Concerns

  1. Have you been ignoring your investments for a bit too long?
  2. Did you sign up for an annuity or insurance policy at some point but you’re not quite sure if it makes sense for you?
  3. Do you need help enrolling in your company retirement plan and wading through your employee benefit options?
  4. Do you need to know if you can retire as planned or is there another life event that demands more expertise and time than you may have?

There are many situations where working together to tackle a project, without entering into a full ongoing financial coaching relationship makes sense.

What’s Included

  • Initial, free get acquainted call to discuss your project, concerns, questions, desired outcomes
  • A virtual 1-2 hour session where we will go over and have an in-depth conversation about your 1-3 concerns
  • A follow-up email summarizing the outcome of our conversation and a step-by-step action plan. This may include a combination of educational materials, analytical charts and reports, and other resources such as referrals through our professional network as appropriate for your situation.
  • A concluding 30-60 minute session to explain our recommendations, address your questions.
  • Unlimited email for the following week.

It’s likely there will be additional communication throughout for questions and clarification to ensure all of your questions and issues are properly addressed. 

Some Examples

  • Life Events

    Navigating a life event such as retirement, a new job, birth of a child, marriage, layoff, divorce, death of a loved one.

  • Home

    Deciding between buying a home and renting.

  • Workplace Retirement Plans

    Workplace retirement plans (401(k), 457, or 403(b)s) and how best to allocate between them.

  • Small Business Retirement Plans

    Small business retirement plans – what is the best plan design for you, your business, and your employees.

  • Account Types

    Starting up a Roth or Traditional IRA, brokerage account, or other savings account.

  • Old Retirement Accounts

    Deciding if it is wise to rollover your old retirement accounts or consolidate? If so, where and how?

  • Education

    Best ways to fund your child’s education.

  • Save and Invest

    How to figure out how much to save and invest.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

If within the first six months after our project you decide that you need more help (or if you just really like us and prefer to off load your financial management to someone else), we will credit the amount you already paid towards future comprehensive financial planning services. For example, if you paid $700 and decide to come back three months later for an on-going financial planning engagement that includes an initial investment of $1,200, you will only need to pay $500 to reengage us.   


Know exactly what you are paying regardless of how long it takes us to address the issues.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get going on your project, you can schedule and appointment. If you’d like to chat first, we’d love to learn exactly what you’re looking for and ensure we’re a good fit. If, we happen not to be a good fit, for whatever reason, we’d be happy to send you to other highly quality planning firms that may be more suitable.