Michael Witham

Michael Witham

Relationship Manager/Financial Planner

Michael discovered his passion for personal finance after reading the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, when he was in his thirties. This book was his first introduction to any type of financial education. He had been working for 15 years before he learned what a 401K was!

After reading the book he developed an interest in personal finance and began to educate those around him. He learned how to become debt free and financially independent. He realized that there wasn’t much out there in terms of education about money or retirement planning, especially for the blue-collar worker.

He ended up becoming a Financial Coach Master Trainer (a class taught by Dave Ramsey) and then he joined Primerica where he obtained his life insurance license as well as his Financial Advisor certification.

Over the years Michael has worked various jobs in the restaurant industry, been a welder and a firefighter. He is also a Navy veteran. He is currently a firefighter at the Pueblo Chemical Depot as well as a financial advisor.

Michael has been able to combine his 24 years of service as a firefighter with his passion for financial education by educating blue-collar workers about the financial freedom that is available to all of us if we implement sound and proven strategies.

In 2023 Michael will hang up his suspenders and fire helmet and put on a tie full time once he retires from serving the public as a firefighter. Michael still wants to continue serving the public as a financial advisor as that career is a lot less stressful.