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Despite sounding like a creature from a Star Wars movie, a QLAC is actually a tool that can be very helpful in funding a prolonged retirement. QLAC is an acronym for a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract. QLAC’s provide guaranteed monthly payments until death and like many other annuity contracts are shielded from the fluctuations of the stock market. Further, a properly designed QLAC can help to manage one’s Required Minimum Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA’s). In doing so, the QLAC may also allow its owner to reduce his/her lifetime income tax bill.

WA Cares Fund

Our most recent posting discussed the looming long term care crisis within our society. This article noted that due to our collective failures to plan, Medicaid has become the default provider and pays for more than 50% of the needed care for America’s elderly and disabled. Medicaid is a federal program which is administered by the individual states, so not surprisingly, this current situation has created enormous strains on state budgets. The state of Washington has initiated the “WA Cares Fund” in an attempt to address the problem. It was rejected twice by voters but came into being via action by the state legislature.

Long Term Care Insurance

This is a question that nearly all of us should be asking ourselves but in many cases fail to do. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to rage throughout the world, life expectancies are still increasing. Advances in nutrition and modern medicine are seeming to accelerate, and it’s clear that this trend toward longer lifespans will continue for the foreseeable future.

High deductible health insurance plans

It is annual enrollment time for most employer sponsored group health insurance plans. High deductible health insurance plans (HDHP) are offered to many people and it is very common to wonder, “Is an HDHP right for me and/or my family?”

Business Uses for Life Insurance

Our most recent posting compared individual insurance policies with group Insurance policies. Businesses often purchase group policies as an employee benefit for their workers, but a business can also utilize life insurance to accomplish succession goals.